Touched & Transformed

“Do you want to be made well?”

That is the question Jesus asked the infirmed man lying at the pool of Bethesda. That is the question He is asking you.

Millions are tormented by deep struggles, past suffering, and emotional pain, unable to find peace, true fulfillment and lasting satisfaction. Because of these unresolved heart-issues, many are prevented from living in the freedom and victory of Christ. The great news is that Jesus not only came to seek and to save the lost, but also to give an abundant life here on earth to all who will receive it.

Touched & Transformed is a discipleship study for men and women who want to be made well by the power and presence of Jesus. During this nine-week study, you will be guided through compelling testimonies from the Bible and remarkable insights into the wondrous names of God. You will learn of the unhindered freedom that comes only from a touch of the Holy Spirit and develop a deeper understanding of God’s healing, life-giving love.

There is hope for the hurting. When Jesus touches you, every aspect of your life will be transformed! Jesus is willing, and He is calling out to you:
“Do you want to be made well?”


The focus of this book is the person of God as He has revealed Himself in Scripture. The Bible is God’s revelation of His power, love, and grace for humanity. We are confident that those who take the journey through Touched and Transformed will be touched and transformed by appropriating the truths of the holy God who created them, loved them to the greatest depths by sending His only Son to save them, and delights to manifest His healing grace to all who receive Him.

Pastor Brian and Cheryl BrodersenCalvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Costa Mesa, California

Touched and Transformed reaches into the depths of soul pain. It has nothing of the world’s ineffectual Band-Aids, which serve only to hide wounds, not heal them. In Jeremiah 6:14 God warns against “superficial healing” and gives the one true remedy for every human distress or deprivation, and that is to return to the only One who can heal the deepest pain with a love that goes deeper still.

Margaret AshmoreDenton Bible Church, Denton, Texas

We have discovered understanding the names and character of God to be one of the most important means to both emotional and spiritual well-being. As Sally states in the introduction, “First we must be willing to come to Him.” Knowing His names promotes in us a desire to do that, allowing Him to lead us in triumph rather than defeat.

Pastor Dale and Cathy DickinsonJericho Road Christian Fellowship, El Cajon, California

Touched and Transformed brings hope to those who have tried to fill the emptiness in their lives as a result of hurts from the past. Touched and Transformed leads the reader to what the hurting need: God and all His promises. It reveals a love beyond anything ever known that can heal and transform lives in a mighty way as people receive the power of God’s Spirit! The reader will find who they have needed all along: Jesus, Jehovah Shalom.

Colleen HughesDomestic violence and sexual assault advocate, Riverside County, California


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