How To Walk

Discover The Riches You Have in Christ!

We live in dark times. New laws assault biblical morals, abortion is acceptable, darkness prevails in our schools, and believers are persecuted. It’s easy to feel like strangers in this world and become grieved and discouraged as we look around us. How do we live out faith when biblical truths are angrily opposed and our hearts are weighed down?

What a timely message the book of Ephesians gives the believer: we have God’s full resources in order to walk in victory in this world! Not only that, but Ephesians teaches us how to live it out: how to walk in love, how to walk circumspectly, how to walk as children of light. Ephesians shows us all that God has done for us and given to us through Jesus Christ for victory, strength, and blessing at every step!

Whether you are new to the faith or a veteran believer in Christ, this eleven-week inductive study of the book of Ephesians will help you live a full and victorious Christian life.