Consider Jesus

Your one need is to know Jesus better.

The writer of Hebrews wrote to Jewish converts, who had left Judaism for faith in Jesus Christ, warning them against backsliding and apostasy. Persecution was a real threat to these believers-disinheritance, excommunication, loss of employment, dispossession, mental harassment, physical torture, public mockery, imprisonment, or even martyrdom-and it was causing them to turn from Christ back to the Law.

Though this letter was addressed to Jewish Christians, its teaching, exhortations, and warnings are directly applicable to believers today as we face increasing opposition to our Christian faith. It motivates us to possess and enjoy the fullest and highest in the Christian life-found only in Jesus.

“Consider Jesus” is the urgent appeal of this letter. Andrew Murray wrote, “The cure the Epistle has for all our failures and feebleness, the one preservative from all danger and diseases is the knowledge of Jesus.”

This nineteen-week inductive study of the book of Hebrews will deepen your knowledge of Jesus and strengthen you to stand firm in your faith.