Acts Commentary

The book of Acts is packed with powerful stories of the apostles preaching the gospel, working miracles, overcoming constant opposition, and being used by God to grow His church throughout the world. Yet in the Gospel accounts, the disciples’ behavior was not always stellar. What happened between the Gospels and Acts? The Holy Spirit transformed the apostles.

In this verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Acts, Clark Van Wick unfolds the history and growth of the early church and the welcoming of the Gentiles into the kingdom of God. In this account a beautiful model emerges for the church today: no hype, hoopla, gadgets, or gizmos—just believers telling others about Jesus and people coming to faith in Him as Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This commentary, with its conversational tone emphasizing discipleship more than scholarship, is a tool to help you understand the Scriptures better and, ultimately, be changed by the power of God’s Word.